Just A Little Something I’ve Been Wanting To Do For A Long Time Now

Hey there and welcome to my first blog post! My name is Brook. That’s the only name I will be sharing of my family here on this blog, and I have good reason for it! It makes me feel that I am doing my best to protect us while still being able to share my life, thoughts, feelings, recipes, style….pretty much anything that seems to come to mind. As of this moment, I am only doing this as an outlet for myself. If an opportunity came up to make money from it, that would be awesome as well!

You will get a chance to get further into the mind of this nerdy girl, and maybe see things through my own eyes too. I always wonder how much people actually care about the things I say, not because the number matters, but because of the content. I’m nobody really special, though my husband and close friends and family may disagree, but if something that has happened to me or to my family in the past could help someone currently struggling, then maybe it would all be for something more.

I’ve always counted myself blessed to be very passionate and vocal about the causes dear to my heart (Just to name a few….FOOD! My children and family. The Right To Life Movement. Body/Mind/Soul Acceptance. Family values. Mental Health Awareness.) and I promise one thing to you. I have my opinions, but they are just that. I respect everyone’s right to have their own as well. What I can’t tolerate is forcing people to accept your OPINION as their own too. I’ve lost people that were valuable (at that time) to me, because they couldn’t change me to the ways they wanted. Of course, they weren’t worth the friendships I had invested in them, but to say that it still doesn’t sting me to have lost them would be false. Please, share your own views in a respectful way and don’t expect anyone to change their own views to yours. I promise to be respectful with my words too, which trust me, sometimes is very hard to do. I can have a sharp tongue, it’s one of the things I work on constantly within myself.

Sometimes, my posts will be light and fun, full of happiness that I want to share with others! Sometimes, my posts will focus on some darker things that I just feel I personally need to lay down and may even ask my readers to help me with that, by encouraging words, advice or even prayer. I personally am still struggling with my own relationship with God, and you may see some of that here too.

Above all, I want to be able to have a place to just put some of these things down and talk and laugh with some awesome people. Cause at the end of the day, my very favorite things to do is to laugh, and make other people laugh!

So, welcome to Talk Nerd Stuff With Me! I may not be a super-big nerd, but it’s what we call ourselves here in our home, and I’m alright with that title.



One thought on “Just A Little Something I’ve Been Wanting To Do For A Long Time Now

  1. Welcome to the blogging world! I’m a new blogger myself and I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check out my most recent blog post for more details!


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